Since 2001, Gisela is the name of my self-produced, home recorded and low key music. I'm Gisela Fleischer (born 1981 in Sweden).

I use my voice as well as guitars, the violin, a zither, MIDI, everyday objects and sounds of the surrounding world. I thrive in the process of creation and my songs are rarely done when I start recording. Instead I experiment with skeleton-like song ideas and embrace the chance as a co-composer and contributor to the final result.

I'm also a multi artist working with film, performativity and performance, visual art, photography, sculpture and more. To learn more, please visit

We are the Art Life:
An interview with me about my music, art, creativity, and how David Lynch and Twin Peaks have inspired my work (September 19, 2018).

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Storm The Fort, 2013
Anhedonia, 2011
Oddities, 2010
Broken Glass And Hearts, 2008
The War, 2004
Stars On The Ground, 2003
Don't Talk To Strangers, 2002
So Cold, 2001

Not yet released: Small Things

Small Things is a Gisela song that haven't yet made it to an album.

You can listen to it here:

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The playlist also includes:

Collaborations between Gisela and other bands, and some of my covers (Chris Isaac, The Smiths, Alice Cooper, Björk and more).


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